Vehicle Registration Certificate: What it is and what information you find in it. What to do in case you lost it.

Date: 08.09.2020
Author: Monica Dona

Talonul auto Ce este și ce informații importante găsești în el + Ce să faci în cazul în care l-ai pierdutAs each person has an identity card the car must have a document proving and certifying the details of use and other important and relevant aspects of the vehicle in question. So, if you are a novice driver or if you are just curious to find out what is in this vehicle identity card, you need to be informed.
To help you, this article includes some of the important things for you. So, if you want to know what the records in the vehicle´s registration certificate mean, but also what you have to do if you have lost it, we recommend you to read this article and find out everything you need to know.
Table of Contents:

1.What is the vehicle registration certificate and what does it include?

Similar to the entries in your ID card, the vehicle registration certificate will include the representative elements for the car.

Thus, here is what information will be entered in the certificate:

  • Vehicle Registration Numbers
  • The date on which the first registration of the vehicle was made;
  • The personal data of the holder, such as: name, home address or registered office, in the case of legal entities;
  • Vehicle data, such as: make, type, commercial description, vehicle identification number, mass, shelf life, category, engine, power, fuel, color, number of seats, identity card series, but also the issuing authority.

Besides this information that will be printed on the certificate, you also need to know what it looks like. Its shape is rectangular, consisting of three parts. Being an important act, it also has security elements, such as:

  • Embossed writing;
  • Watermark paper;
  • Micro’series;
  • The print series can be seen on all three sides of the certificate;
  • The background is resistant to counterfeiting by scanning, so it cannot be printed or scanned;
  • The elements are fluorescent.

As for its size, you should know that it does not take up much space at all and can be inserted in the wallet. The unfolded heel has the size of 114x210mm and folded, 114x70mm.

It is very important to have this heel on you every time you drive the car, whether it is your personal one or you have  rented the car  , because, at any time, it may be requested by the competent units for verification.

2.What should you do if you have lost your car ticket?

For the beginning, if you  lost or had your car stolen, you need to know the most important thing, which is that you don´t have to drive your car anymore. The next step you need to take is to go to a Community Public Service for Driving License and Vehicle Registration Regime. Don´t forget to take the following documents with you:

  • The request for the issuance of a duplicate of the registration certificate in case of theft or loss;
  • The applicant´s statement stating the theft or loss;
  • Vehicle identity card, in original and copy;
  • Applicant´s identity card, original and copy;
  • Proof of payment for the vehicle registration certificate fee.

Furthermore, the authorized officials authorities will take care of your car voucher. If you cannot appear in person, you need a power of attorney authenticated by a notary public.

Also, if you want to change the registration certificate because it has been damaged, you need to add the old vehicle registration certificate to the documents mentioned above.

Now that you´ve learned from  Business Lease  with the help of this article which includes, in fact, the registration certificate of a vehicle, but also what to do if you lose it, it has been stolen or simply you want to change it because it was damaged, we recommend you to take into account the information in this article.

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3. Frequently asked questions and answers about the car coupon

What information can be found in the vehicle registration certificate?

The vehicle registration certificate is the identity card of your vehicle. Important data is entered here, such as the person who owns it, his/ her address, but also technical and identification details of the vehicle, such as registration number, model, color, number of seats, engine power and others.

Do I always need to have the vehicle registration certificate with me?

Yes. The driver must have the vehicle registration certificate with him/ her, regardless of the situation.

What do I do if I lose my vehicle registration certificate, have it stolen or damaged?

If the vehicle registration certificate has been stolen, lost or damaged, the driver must go to the Community Public Service for Driving License and Vehicle Registration Regime where he/ she will submit the necessary documents for the reissue of a new one. It is forbidden to drive on public roads with a vehicle without an official document to replace the certificate during this period.

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