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2022, a successful year for Business Lease Romania

The company achieved last year the highest appreciation via the Net Promotion Score (NPS), according to clients’ evaluation in the Customer Satisfaction Survey. The NPS in 2022 went up to 71, an 18% increase versus the previous year. The financed fleet was also on the rise by 13.5% and the rental fleet reached a 93% occupancy rate.

Business in a Nutshell

"Our main goals for 2022 were focused on keeping our clients close and a stable team of consultants. We were most pleased this year with the evaluation of our customers and our employees. In the NPS evaluation we achieved a score of 71, which is a big step forward compared to last year, when the score obtained was 60. On the other hand, we received 69 points in our eNPS and our employees mentioned as top ranking our office atmosphere and the relationship with their colleagues, which, after the remote working period was not only a pleasant surprise, but also the confirmation that our company's consistent strategy, open culture and values ​​with sincere care for people, as well as their development is valued and appreciated by our employees." Philip Aarsman, Managing Director of Business Lease Romania.

Financed Fleet growth by 13,5%

“As 2022 brought new challenges for the business worldwide, companies focused their attention on essential activities and outsourced the activities unrelated to these, investing their resources with caution. Operating leasing was the star of this period because it helped maintain flexibility and save budgets for more important investments. That led to a 13.5% increase of Business Lease financed fleet.” Oana Iancu, Commercial Director Business Lease Romania

Although last year was not directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, problems persisted in the production of vehicles and components, as well as in supply chains, also due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. “As a result and compared to 2021, we had a smaller number of terminations, largely due to the increase of the delivery period for new cars to an average of 6-9 months and as a consequence of the extension of existing contracts. Regarding the terminations versus new contracts report we are talking in 2022 about a triple number of new orders versus cars sold so far.” Oana Iancu, Commercial Director Business Lease Romania

Focus on short-term lease, and rental fleet renewal

The delays caused by the disruptions in the logistics chains causing the extension of the delivery times for cars and spare parts brought fleet outsourcing solutions even more in the spotlight. In order to support our customers during these periods, we focused on the development of a new product, Business Lease SMART, that would allow them to bridge these gaps in a comfortable budget and in the same time to benefit from the flexibility required by their business. “Our rental fleet includes a wide variety of makes, vehicles no older than 1 year, and reached a 93% occupancy rate. The results obtained go beyond the context and are due to our constant investment in building a diverse and solid fleet.” Georgiana Lefter, Head of Remarketing, Rent & Supply Chain

Fleet management outsourcing

Last year also came with an increase in the number of requests for fleet management outsourcing. It was a signal to us that all price increases in car maintenance and pressure on budgets forced organizations to seek external solutions, but also that ”For us a key focus point was securing our partnerships and continue auditing our partnering workshops so that the service level provided meets our standards every time.” Mircea Ungureanu, Head of Operations Services


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