Documents needed for RAR – Who, when and how to get the authenticity certificate?

Date: 23.11.2020
Author: Monica Dona

Acte necesare pentru RAR

Cars, in order to be driven legally on public roads, must be registered, i.e. registered by the state authorities. However, before taking this step, there are some situations under which the owners of a vehicles must go through the RAR inspection (Romanian Automotive Register) in order to certify its authenticity.

Find out below who, when and how can obtain this certificate.

Table of Contents

1. What is RAR and what does it do?
1. Ce este RAR și cu ce se ocupă


The Autonomous Administration “Romanian Automotive Register”, in short RAR, is the technical body specialized in the homologation and certification of the authenticity of road vehicles. It operates under the auspices of the the Ministry of Transport.

RAR deals with the granting of national or community type approval, but also with the verification of the authenticity of the vehicles. This is done, in principle, by identifying the body and engine series. Inspectors check that the original parts of the vehicle, as fitted by the manufacturer, are in order or have been modified.

Also, if there are changes to the characteristics mentioned in the Vehicle Registration Document (which will also have to be found in the vehicle registration certificate), RAR determines whether they are safe for circulation on public roads, in which case they also record them in the car documentation.

2. When do I have to go to RAR?

Those who own cars purchased outside Romania (either from the EU or outside it) must go to the RAR, as well as those who have made constructive changes to the cars without subsequent approval and want to either sell them or to register them in Romania. In such situations it is necessary to have their authenticity approved and certified.

The homologation is granted for:

  • new vehicles, not having Community type-approval (EC), imported or introduced in Romania, either by a legal person or by a natural person;
  • used vehicles, if they do not meet the following conditions: they have not been registered in Romania, but have been registered in another EU country, have EC approval and have not undergone any constructive changes;
  • vehicles that have undergone constructive modifications, requiring the appropriate completion of the vehicle registration document (CIV);
  • vehicles whose main resistance element has been replaced (body, chassis or frame).
  • vehicles which, due to an accident or mechanical problems, have their engine replaced (the new engine series is registered in the CIV)

Regarding authenticity, this is applicable for:

  • used vehicles, subject to approval for the first registration;
  • vehicles that cumulatively meet the following conditions: they have not been registered in Romania, but have been registered in another EU state, have EC approval and have not undergone any constructive changes.

2. Când trebuie să mergi la RAR

3. What is the certificate of authenticity and who needs it?

For vehicles to be registered in Romania, the owners of these vehicles, except for the new ones, must prove that the RAR has certified their authenticity.

The Certification of Authenticity consists, depending on the case, of:

  • attestation that the main elements of the car are original and have not been subject to unauthorized modifications;
  • attestation of the vehicle´s identity in relation to the data mentioned in its registration document;
  • attestation that the standard form of the document confirming the previous registration of the vehicle has been issued by the competent authorities of another EU Member State.

The certification of the authenticity is mandatory for vehicles subject to approval for first registration in Romania, as well as for those brought from abroad, which have never been registered in Romania, but which were registered in another EU Member State and have not suffered any changes.
If the cars are compliant, RAR issues the owner a certificate of authenticity, which is valid for 60 days from the date of issue and can be used for a single registration.
Therefore, the certificate of authenticity is mandatory for the registration in Romania of a vehicle brought from abroad, be it new or old.
In the case of used cars, which have been registered in Romania or new ones taken from a car dealership, it is not mandatory to present the certificate of authenticity at their registration (all these formalities were either performed by the person who registered for the first time the vehicle in Romania, or directly by the Importer of the brand in Romania in the case of new cars / commercial vehicles).
However, the applicable legislation exempts from this obligation historic vehicles and those intended exclusively for sports competitions.

4. Documents required for RAR authentication

In order to obtain the certificate of authenticity, it is necessary to present at one of the RAR territorial representations the following documents:

  • identity card of the owner/ applicant;
  • RAR activity request (standard format, completed in handwriting, on your own responsibility and signed in the presence of the institution´s employee);
  • the registration document of the country of origin;
  • the certificate of conformity (CoC), issued by the vehicle manufacturer (for those manufactured after 31.08.2018).

Before you go to RAR, you need to make an appointment online.

In conclusion, if you intend to sell, register or register in Romania the vehicles you own, check before if you are in one of the situations that require a visit to RAR, especially now that you know when to do so.

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5. Frequently asked questions and answers about the documents required for RAR

If you buy a new car from the dealership do you have to go to RAR?

No. If the car is new, it will have all the approval documents issued by the Importer of the brand selected by you from the moment of delivery and there will be no need to go to RAR.

How long does it take to get the certificate of authenticity?

If the documents are compliant and complete, the certificate of authenticity is usually issued on the spot.

What will RAR inspectors check?

RAR inspectors check a number of key elements, such as the chassis series, bodywork, car documentation and, if applicable, the previous registration / approval in another EU Member State, but also whether the car is being followed internationally.

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