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The National TEACHER and PARENT TODAY Caravan has travelled all over the country

Proedu Acta

The National Caravan PROFESSOR and PARENT TODAY is in the project Business Lease supports, a marathon covering 41 counties, 41 county school inspectorates involved, including the Municipality of Bucharest, in less than a month. The National Caravan TEACHER and PARENT TODAY conducted by Proacta EDU Association opened the doors of educational institutions, but especially gathered at the same table decision makers at county level who have the initiative to promote new reforms in the educational system in our country.The initiative of the caravan was born out of a real need, expressed by school principals or teachers regarding the development of programs through which teachers can deepen new methods of strengthening the relationship with the families of students they have in class. In recent years, the teacher-parent relationship has suffered, either due to the declining interest in school for families, or due to overloading teachers with bureaucratic activities that have led to a reduction in the quality of the time spent in meetings with parents. Conflicting situations have often arisen between parents and teachers, and solutions to resolve these misunderstandings have been delayed.The online school has put pressure on all the actors involved, whether we are talking about parents who have also worked from home, teachers or students. Not only the educational process suffered in some cases, but also the psycho-emotional climate that accompanies the didactic side; leadership classes have lost their importance, and meetings with parents have been altered by the current situation. In conclusion, the family-school relationship suffered, and the most affected were the students.Therefore, the Proacta EDU Association, with the support of theirs sponsors, including Business Lease, resumed the national PROFESSOR and PARENTS TODAY Program, launched in 2019 in Bucharest and stopped in 2020 due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The project aims to bring to the attention of school inspectors, school principals and, in particular, teachers and parents the importance of correct and assertive school-family relationship, depending on the context, always adapted to the real needs of educational institutions.Within the program, teachers are provided with the necessary tools to manage relationships with parents and students, with the ultimate benefit of the child’s interest; offering an alternative to conducting classes, so that they acquire a valuable role, through the information transmitted, through the qualitative management of time, but also through innovative teaching techniques; transforming meetings with parents into councils in which cooperation will be the title in the teacher-parent relationship. Also, families will find in the teachers the partners they need to go through moments of crisis and to increase students’ school performance and reduce school dropout.During the meetings organized at county level, the general school inspectors or deputy generals, as well as the representatives of the Teaching Staff Houses received this project openly, stating that there is an increased demand and a real need for teacher training in terms of psycho -emotional of the school-family relationship. It is also necessary to improve the management of the school-family relationship, given that parents do not even know a procedure for resolving conflicts with teachers or filing a complaint. At this point, many of the complaints go directly to school inspectorates, although the first stage of clarification should take place at the school level.

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