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Termination of a vehicle leasing contract: stages?

reziliere contract leasing auto

Before signing a lease, you must pay close attention to the terms and conditions. Once you have made sure that you can support the monthly payment that the contract entails, you must be careful not to be late with the installments and enjoy the chosen car.However, unforeseen situations may arise, due to which the payment of installments will no longer be an easy task, as there are other much more important expenses. There are also situations in which you simply decided that you want to give up the contract and, implicitly, the car.In such cases, it is important to know what it means to terminate a contract car leasing , as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, your decision will not have further financial consequences, because you eliminate from the start the risk of unpleasant situations, such as the payment of penalties or various legal actions.Table of Contents

  1. What does it mean to terminate a car lease?

1.1 Termination fees1.2 Potential penalties1.3 Return of the vehicle

  1. Before terminating a car lease, consider the benefits

2.1 A leased car is almost new2.2 HELMET insurance

  1. What are the disadvantages of a lease that could lead to the termination decision

3.1 Higher monthly costs3.2 Mileage limit

1. What does the termination of a car leasing contract entail?

In order to terminate a car leasing contract, certain aspects specified in the documents you signed when ordering and delivering the car must be taken into account.

1.1 Termination conditions

The first thing to consider is the termination conditions. These depend on the requirements of the supplier and must be studied from the time of signing the contract, not when you opt for the lease.

1.2. Additional costs

Penalties may arise if certain conditions are not met. These depend on the way in which the leasing contract is terminated, on the condition in which the vehicle was returned and / or the parameters initially budgeted in the contract.

1.3 Return of the vehicle

The return of the vehicle involves, in most cases, an early return fee. Of course, this occurs when the car returns long before the deadline.

renuntare contract leasing

2. Before terminating a car lease, consider the benefits

Whether you terminate the lease directly or through it specialized company , you need to consider its benefits in advance. Therefore, it is good to use consulting services before terminating.

2.1 A leased car is almost new

Keep in mind that a leased car is almost new. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why many choose to buy their cars through leasing.

2.2 HELMET insurance

A vehicle purchased by leasing or ReLease has CASCO insurance valid for the entire contractual period.

renuntare leasing auto

3. What are the disadvantages of a lease that could lead to the termination decision

Leases also have a number of disadvantages that can lead many to avoid them.

3.1 Higher monthly costs

At first glance, the monthly rate is higher in the case of a lease than in the case of a loan, whether it is a car or personal needs. That is why many avoid making this decision. In the case of a more detailed analysis, we notice that leasing is more advantageous as it includes all costs and taxes arising from the use of the car for a period of 4-5 years.

3.2 Mileage limit

A lease also involves a mileage limit. If this varies, there is the possibility to either recalculate the monthly rate during the contract period or to settle the extra mileage or non-mileage at the end of the contract.

reziliere contract leasing

ConclusionCareful study of the lease is essential both before signing it and before giving it up. This way, you can know exactly what the terms and conditions are that you must follow, as well as the consequences that may occur for certain violations.Questions and answers about terminating a car lease1. After how long can a car lease be terminated?A car lease can be terminated at any time. However, the time you choose to do this will also determine the costs you have to pay, as factors such as car wear or the remaining contractual period will be taken into account.2. Can the car be bought at the end or during the lease?Yes. The car can, in the end, be purchased permanently. But the price depends on the total value already paid under the lease.3. Can the car be sold during the lease?In order to pass on the contract to someone, but also the car, a leasing transfer can be made. Instead, in order to do so, this possibility must appear in the lease or the agreement of the leasing company must be sought.Photo source:

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