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CIV series - secure tool for identifying vehicle identity cards

prezentarea cartii se identitate a veihiculului si indicare seriei CIV la vanzarea unui autoturism

As each person has the legal obligation to hold documents issued by the competent authorities certifying the identity, home address and personal numerical code, each vehicle that is registered in Romania is issued a similar identity card, of course with many more details, but which gives the car a simple and unique possibility of identification.In this article, Business Lease team gives you some details about the vehicle´s identity card, as well as how you can identify the CIV series on both the vehicle registration certificate and the main document.Contents

1. CIV series on the certificate and on the vehicle registration document: the place where it can be found on the new document models

The identity card of the vehicle is imposed and regulated by the Government Ordinance no. 78 of August 24, 2000 on the approval of road vehicles and their issuance of ICs for admission to traffic on public roads in Romania with subsequent amendments and completions.According to the legislation, a vehicle cannot be sold, registered in our country until it is homologated, and its identity is certified by the the competent authority, namely by the Romanian Autonomous Auto Registry (RAR), which is subordinated to the Ministry of Transport.In this respect, the vehicle identity card is a document issued by the RAR, which has the role to certify the reality that a car or other vehicle has been approved and complies with all technical conditions regarding traffic safety on public roads from Romania.The CIV also fulfills the role of certification of the fact that a vehicle meets the legal norms of environmental protection and that it is used according to the destination for which it was designed and built.Like any legal identification document, similar to the identity card of any person, the CIV has a unique series, which is written both on the document and in the car registration certificate.You should know that since 2016 the identity card of the vehicle is issued by RAR in a new format. The decision was taken by the authorities and legally implemented through a joint Order of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Administration and Interior and the Ministry of Public Finance. According to this normative act with no. 26 of 2016, the modification of the CIV format was necessary to provide additional information and to simplify the retrieval of data by the registration authority from the document.The CIV series can be found, in the new format of the vehicle registration document, on the first page, bottom right, under a bar code that gives an additional element of uniqueness.You can also find the CIV series on the vehicle registration certificate in the new format, under the heading next to the letter X, according to the coding given to the various technical indications of the car listed on this document.

2. What is the use of the vehicle registration document series and why is the existence of an original CIV necessary?

The CIV series serves only as a unique identification element of the identity document of your car, just as the series of your identity card is a unique number of the document. This indicator should not be confused with the vehicle identification number, also known as VIN.The VIN is, in fact, the series of the car chassis, which is inserted by the manufacturer to ensure that the product can be identified easily and securely and no two models with the same series.Together with the additional security systems inserted in the manufacturing process, the CIV series increases the security of the new form issued after 2016, raising it to the same level of protection against counterfeiting with similar models in Europe.Therefore, the vehicle registration certificate must be kept carefully for the entire period of its use, as only with this original document can the periodic technical inspections (ITP) required by law be carried out.But there is also the possibility that the owner of the car is a company that deals with operational leasing , in which case the service unit approved by the RAR that will perform the Periodic Technical Inspection (ITP) will also accept a copy of the CIV, which must contain the written statement and the remark that the document complies with its original document as well as the stamp of the owner.Therefore, the CIV series refers to that of the car identification document, being similar, in meaning, to the bulletin series. It is written on vehicle registration document, a document that must always be available for the person using the vehicle.Photo credit :

3. Questions and answers about the vehicle registration document and the CIV series_

  1. If the model of the CIV form has changed, do I have to change the identity card of my car?

The answer is no. Documents with a date of issue prior to the entry into force of new formats are perfectly valid and will be replaced in time, naturally, for example in the event of loss, theft or damage.

  1. If the car´s owner is a legal entity, a leasing company, how do I change the CIV?

For vehicles purchased through car leasing , the identity card of the vehicle is not changed, and the annotations regarding the owner f the vehicle are made by the competent authority at the time of final registration.

  1. What is the QR code on the new vehicle ID card used for?

The QR code inscribed on page no. 4 of the CIV has a utilitarian role and can provide a series of information directly on the phone of the interested party, if it has installed an application that can read such a code. The scan will result in the display of vehicle identification data, ITP validity or other service recalls for troubleshooting.


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