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Business Lease Romania provides mobility for Light into Europe Charity

Business Lease Romania, the mobility solution provider and Light into Europe celebrate this year 5 years of partnership. On this occasion the company renewed the fleet provided and Business Lease donated a new car to the NGO.Business Lease Romania extend their support for Light into Europe providing the NGO three (3) Dacia Duster SUV’s needed for the activity of the charity. This fleet will keep the team mobile, allowing them to stay protected and keep both their beneficiaries and the guide dogs safe.The pandemic context required extra care for all daily activities and with the number of beneficiaries and guide dogs raising the increase of the fleet was very much needed.” Looking back at these 5 years of partnership, I can see so many connecting dots between our missions. First it’s this passion for mobility in any shape and form, no matter it is about keeping employees on the road or allowing the blind to maintain their mobility and independence. Then it’s about the care: care for the people around us, care for those needing support, care for what you do and for how this is reflected in easing the job of all our partners. We are proud to be road companions on this inspiring journey and support Light into Europe in their remarkable mission,” declared Philip Aarsman, Managing Director Business Lease Romania.“We are in appreciation of Business Lease generous contribution to our mission. We are really so thankful to the team of Business Lease for being our mobility partner and for providing a tremendously important support to our cause! Their generosity is what gives us the resources to serve our beneficiaries, to work in their benefit and develop our Guide Dogs programme.With the help of caring friends we are confident that we will be able to continue our mission with the same commitment that we have demonstrated through the years.Thank you Business Lease once again for being part of our story!” Stan Platt, Chairman Light into Europe Charity.About Business Lease Business Lease is a top 10 player present in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland and Hungary. Today they manage a fleet of more than 40,000 vehicles for B2B customers and also private customers ranging from blue chip pan-European companies to small and medium sized enterprises and private customers.Business Lease focuses its business upon consistent delivery of high quality service and care to individual drivers in a cost effective and environmentally sustainable way for the fleet operator.Business Lease strongly believes that focus on high quality service and care is their differentiator in the market, placing mobility services at the heart of their business rather than the vehicle itself.About Light into EuropeLight into Europe is a British-Romanian charity founded in 1986 and which has been active in Romania since 1990. From 1997 to 2003 Light into Europe was invited by the Ministry of Health to be the sole provider of Air Ambulance services, saving 900 lives over 4000 flying hours. In 2003, the Air Ambulance service was handed over to SMURD.Since 2003, the focus of Light into Europe has been on supporting blind and deaf people in Romania and developing services to support them to be able to live independent lives as part of the community. Since this time, Light into Europe have trained and expanded the program to support more visually impaired around the country and provided assistance dogs to children with autism and persons with epilepsy. 58 guide dogs have been part of the Light into Europe programs and 7 new puppies are growing up to be the next generation of guide dogs.

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