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You are important to us. That is why we like to take good care of your car. Maintenance is an essential part of that; you want a safe car that never lets you down. We are happy to help you!

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+40 727.367.367

Roadside assistance

Business Lease assures roadside assistance 24/7.

When your vehicle becomes unusable due to a technical breakdown, a damage or an accident, please contact Business Lease Roadside Assistance via +40 372.132.473.

The Business Lease Roadside Assistance is valid within the geographical borders of Europe. Be aware that, based on the insurance conditions of your vehicle, there can be additional geographical limitations to the usage of your vehicle. In case you have any questions/concerns, always contact our Business Lease team via phone number          +40727.367.367 or before your journey.

The Business Lease Roadside Assistance service includes:

  • Arrival of the roadside assistance team;
  • Repair on site or relocation to the nearest assigned service point;
  • Arranging a substitute car if the repairs are not possible to be solved in the same day;
  • Arranging additional services if needed, such as hotel accommodation (with additional costs).

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