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You are important to us. That is why we like to take good care of your car. Maintenance is an essential part of that; you want a safe car that never lets you down. We are happy to help you!

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+40 727.367.367

Damage and Insurance

Damages must always be reported to Business Lease within 24 hours from the moment of occurrence.


When damage has occurred to the vehicle, please notify Business Lease within 24 hours by contacting the Business Lease Team via Call Center +40 727.367.367 or

In case of an event caused by third party, the driver needs to:

• Fill in the form (Constat Amiabil), together with the other driver involved in the incident. Please request from the other driver the following documents: car registration form, identity card, drivers licence.
• Request the Police Report and the Repair of the vehicle authorization issued by the Police, in case there is no mutual agreement on who is guilty for the incident or in case there are involved more than two vehicles in the incident or in case there have been casualties.

After you have reported the damage Business Lease will provide you with further instructions. You will be contacted about the repair of the vehicle and the required insurance documentation.
Business Lease cooperates with a nationwide network of selected workshops for damage repair.

Frequently asked questions about Damage and Insurance

Where can I send my claim form?
You can send it to our Damage department via email at
I would like to claim damage.
Yes, you can! Download the Constat Amiabil.
My car is damaged.
Please report any car damage as quickly as possible (no later than the next working day) at our Call Center 0727.367.367 or by email If your car was damaged by an unknown car or as a result of a break-in or vandalism, you must also report this to the police.  
My car has been stolen.
We are very sorry to hear that! Each theft must be reported to the police and the Call Center as soon as possible (within 24 hours) via telephone number 0727.367.367 or by email
My window is broken after a break-in.
Please contact the Call Center on 0727.367.367 or e-mail at


Please contact the Business Lease service team to be guided to the nearest service point at phone number +40 727.367.367 or

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