The use of fog lights when the weather does not require it can be sanctioned

Date: 22.01.2020
Author: Monica Dona

The Traffic Code  asks the drivers who encounter fog conditions to turn on the projectors and to drive more carefully. But what happens if the fog lights are on when you don’t need them?

According to the provisions of the Traffic Code, this is considered a contravention and may be sanctioned with 4-5 fine points and 3 penalty points.

On their  Facebook page, the Minister of Public Affairs answered this question in detail:  Why can’t you always drive with the fog lights on?

  1. If there is no fog, how could they help you?
  2. You don’t turn your wipers on when the sun is up in the sky.
  3. Fog lights on all the time do not make your car more beautiful, nor better visibly!
  4. THEIR USE, WHEN THERE IS NO FOG, BOTHERS THE CAR DRIVERS WHO DRIVE ON THE OTHER WAY…that is why the use is fined with 4-5 fine points and 3 penalty points!

Hoping we clarified the issue and you turned off the fog lights, we wish you a safe drive! Do not forget the daytime running lights instead.”


We also add a few recommendations for driving when the weather is foggy:

  • Reduce speed
  • Increase driving distance between vehicles
  • Remember: Use the fog lights
  • If you are on the freeway, do not park on the emergency lane. This is only for emergencies and should not be used unless the weather is a real danger for the driver.
  • Do not change the lane. Under these conditions the first lane can be a road full of dangers, cars parked due to low visibility. Specialists in defensive driving recommend staying on the second lane and reducing speed.

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