The green card of the car becomes the white card

Carte Verde

The Romanian Motor Insurers’ Bureau – BAAR announced the implementation of the decision adopted in November 2019, by which, starting with July 1, 2020, the Green Card insurance documents, regardless of whether or not they are attached to the MTPL insurance contract, will be printed on white paper.

The decision to change the color complies with the regulations governing the Green Card System and does not affect its holders in any way.

Documents issued before 01.07.2020 on green paper remain valid until expiration, but not later than 31.12.2021.

The color provisions regarding the Green Card insurance documents shall apply accordingly to the Green Card insurance documents accompanying the Border Insurance.

What is the Green Card insurance policy

The Green Card document is used in all EU Member States, the policy being valid on the territory of those States whose symbols are not marked with an “X” on the document form.

If you have concluded an MTPL insurance, for the period of validity of that insurance you automatically have a Green Card insurance valid for the territory of the Member States of the European Union, as well as for the territory of Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Serbia without paying any an additional insurance premium.

It is important that when driving to other countries than those mentioned above (e.g. Moldova, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Albania, etc.) to check in advance if the symbol of that country is crossed out. If the country you are transiting is not covered by the MTPL policy, you will need to sign additional insurance for the period of travel. Otherwise it will be necessary to purchase a border insurance policy valid only for that country.

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