Operational Leasing in Romania

Date: 09.10.2017
Author: Vieru Cristi

One Fifth of the Cars Enter Repair Shops for Issues Outside the Periodic Vehicle Inspection

  • 20% of automobiles reach repair shops for fixes outside standard service and maintenance period, while 29% access standard operations and 51% access tire replacement;
  • Particularly often Romanian repairs: fixes on suspensions and steering;
  • Optimum ratio for cars usage: up to 160,000 km (Petrol engine) and up to 180,000 km (Diesel engine)

Bucharest, October 9th, 2017: Business Lease Romania, one of the leading providers in mobility and operational leasing services nationwide, has completed its fourth local survey, by monitoring 8.429 service fixes.

Business Lease Romania has conducted the survey on more than 1500 cars. 65% of these cars are located in Bucharest, while the rest of the fleet is located in the rest of the country. By gender, 75% of drivers are men and 25% are women. Of the total number of cars for which Business Lease Romania customers opted, the top two positions are covered by Ford and Dacia brands – 50%, followed by Hyundai – 13%, Skoda – 12%, and Volkswagen – 10%.


The Business Lease Survey shows that in Romania 20% of cars enter repair shops for issues outside the Periodic Vehicle Inspection (21% value out of the total cost of cars maintenance), while 29% (46% value out of the total cost of cars maintenance) need Periodic Vehicle Inspection, while 51% need tire replacement (season change and replacement of used tires, 33% value out of the total costs of car maintenance).

Mostly, vehicles go into repair shops for normal maintenance – revisions, engine oil, filters, fluids, distribution kit – and tire replacements. However, the Business Lease study shows that, in Romania, cars go into repair shops often for suspension problems as well. For issues caused by frequent road faults, it is often necessary to replace suspension elements – bushings, anti-roll bars, shock absorbers – and steering – bar head, billets etc.

Distinctively, while the car gets older and heavily used, parts made of rubber or plastic fail, requiring replacement (hoses and some wiring). Also, after accidents, cars enter service for damaged body parts repairs.

“20% of vehicles ordered at our Operational Leasing benefit from high degree technology systems (advanced car/anti-collision/adaptive headlights/infotainment systems), and this percentage is increasing. Our customers increasingly consider accident prevention – either by additional equipment or by preventive driving training sessions. Many of these investments are recovered along the way and even lead to a repair budget optimization. But the troubling infrastructure develops more problems, creating a commercial impact upon the companies, whether we talk about travel or transport average length, or we talk about service expenses”, says Ioana Grigore, Commercial Manager of Business Lease Romania. “We care for our customers and through our advanced fleet monitoring and vehicle evaluation systems, we anticipate and program the cars in service so that drivers are safe and the costs are optimized.”

The survey numbers also show that, on average, cars enter repair shops for maintenance fixes every 25,000 km, or once a year, as car makers prompt and expect.

For braking components, as consumables, the cars enter the service on average after 30,000 to 40,000 km.

Beyond consumables, vehicles older than three years or vehicles reaching 80,000 – 90,000 km usually enter repair shops for fixes upon suspension or steering components.


Although new cars are getting better year by year, the specific Romanian road conditions have a significant impact on the total repair and maintenance costs and the reliability of any vehicle. As a car is aging, its depreciation costs decrease over time, while the total repair costs increase significantly. In addition, multiple repairs cause unpleasant car breakdowns while driving. For this reason, based on the experience gained, Business Lease recommends the use of operational leasing cars for a period of up to 57 months, with a total of 160,000 km (Petrol engine) and 180,000 km (Diesel engine). This guarantees its customers an optimum both from an economical (costs) and reliability (driver satisfaction) point of view.

About Business Lease Group:

Business Lease is an expert in providing complete Operational Leasing and Mobility solutions for both large companies and small and medium-sized companies.

Apart from Romania and the Netherlands, where its headquarters and numerous regional branches are located, Business Lease is an important player in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The company rents all brands and models at a competitive price (TCO) and is known for providing excellent service. Business Lease Group’s portfolio includes over 45,000 contracts. Customer care and quality of mobility services are the Business Lease priorities. We believe that a car is just a car, but people are making the difference.

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