On the International Guide Dog Day

Philip-Aarsman-Managing-Director-Business-Lease-RomaniaWhen we got introduced to Light into Europe in 2015, I was actually a bit surprised that guide dogs were not a well-known phenomenon in Romania.

Coming from the Netherlands I thought this would be something normal. How else could visually impaired people be able to live a decent life?

Hearing and seeing are crucial senses for people.

Because of some health problems during my childhood, I personally experienced this. An ear infection caused a serious hearing loss which later luckily improved, but without the support of my hearing aids I would be lost.

And look at me know, I even made to CEO of an operational leasing company!

We at Business Lease provide mobility to our customers and because Light into Europe in fact is doing the same for its clients, we decided to support this great organization.

Their Guide Dogs bring joy and hope into the souls of people. They mean so much, an independent life, career opportunities, trust, safety and we must not forget that dogs are a man’s best friend.

I therefore truly hope that this day, International Guide Dog Day, will help all of us to remind about our responsibility and to share a bit of our energy, and or money to this great cause having at least 50 working guide dogs in Romania by 2021.

You can watch Philip Aarsman, Managing Director Business Lease Romania, delivering a short speech on the Event organized on the International Guide Dogs Day by our partners, Light into Europe, and hosted at the Residence od the British Ambassador in Bucarest.

Philip Aarsman, Light into Europe

An article by Philip Aarsman, Managing Director Business Lease Romania

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