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We love keeping in touch and as the developments in our industry are moving fast, it is a must to keep you posted regularly. And, yes, we work hard, but also have fun at our work.


The National TEACHER and PARENT TODAY Caravan has travelled all over the country

The National Caravan PROFESSOR and PARENT TODAY is in the project Business Lease supports, a marathon covering 41 counties, 41...


“Our focus remains on developing and increasing operational excellence”

Interview with Elias Drakopoulos, Business Lease Group (the European HQ of Business Lease Romania), published in Fleet Europe. What is...


Philip Aarsman, Business Lease: “Relationship building is potentially one of the most important skills to a leadership role”

by © Ciprian Vlăduț –“COVID-19 came with no instruction manual, and I am aware this causes stress for everybody....

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