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You are important to us. That is why we like to take good care of your car. Maintenance is an essential part of that; you want a safe car that never lets you down. We are happy to help you!

Contact our Call Center:

+40 727.367.367

Fuel Card

Business Lease cooperates with several providers of fuel cards in Romania.

You will receive a fuel card if this service is included in the Leasing Contract / Services Contract of your vehicle.

Fuel cards must be stored with care in a place inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Do not keep the card and the PIN code in the same place!

For each transaction you will be requested to enter the PIN code and the current odometer reading.

In case of loss of a fuel card you are required to immediately notify:
Business Lease Team
Monday – Friday | 8:00 – 17:30
Via call center +40 727.367.367

The providers of the fuel card:

Non- stop and free: 0800 080 008 / 0800 080 012


Monday – Friday | 08:00 – 20:00 | +40 264.407.684 / + 40 264.407.685

Complaints and emergencies
Non – stop: +40 212.048.526

Questions? Please feel free to call!

Please contact Business Lease Team at phone number +40 727.367.367 or

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