Message of Group Director Operations Central & Eastern Europe

Date: 05.04.2020
Author: Monica Dona

Dear Partners, 

As we are already in the third week of the COVID-19 crisis in Europe and we have managed to organize our companies into a secure and operational mode, I would like to address a couple of words to you and specifically to your employees. 

All of us at Business Lease recognize your efforts and struggles to keep the service towards our customers and drivers available. Where many employees are in home office or on leaves, people in workshops, rental centers, tow trucks and assistance dispatches are on the job and ensure that our drivers get what they need to keep their vehicles operational. Very often this means that you have face-to-face contact and are on the front line of this situation. We realize that this is far from easy and must be stressful and maybe even scary at times.  

On behalf of the entire Business Lease team,  please know that you have our greatest respect for performing your job and helping us to keep our 45.000 drivers mobile, able to do their jobs and take care of their families. We recognize that without you we would not able to provide the service level to our customers as we are currently doing. 

‘In a crisis you get to know your friends’ is an old but currently even more valid phrase and we will do all we can to live up to the partnership you can expect in our long business relationship. The long-term perspective of our company’s 117 year history has taught us to place a very high value on our business and personal relationship with our partners. After this crisis, we will together be back in regular business again and we look forward to meeting each other and creating many new opportunities for cooperation.

In closing, I wish you and your loved ones health and strength to cope with the challenges of the current situation. 

With kind regards,

Vincent van der Meijden

Group Director Operations Central & Eastern Europe

Business Lease Group 

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