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RISK INSPECTION: WHEN, HOW, WHO, WHY? Everything you need to know about it!

Before concluding an insurance policy, companies in the field must determine the price of the risks they insure. Specifically, the insurer wants to know in advance how much it would cost if something happened to your vehicle. Of course, the higher the cost thus established, the higher the policy fee will be. To find out,…


RESIDUAL VALUE: Find out how you can pay lower rates!

Are you thinking of renting a car? Then, you need to find out in detail about all the implications of this way of financing and study in depth the offer received from the leasing company, to make sure that you sign the contract knowing all the facts thoroughly. A very important aspect to keep in…


OPERATIONAL LEASING: The way to grow your business!

If you are an entrepreneur, you have certainly encountered so far all kinds of obstacles related to your business, such as excessive bureaucracy, finding the right employees or lack of customers. If, for example, you are the owner of a business, then you know very well that, in the absence of customers, a business cannot…


The benefits of operating leasing – Find out what they are! The right solution for entrepreneurs

If you have or want to start a business in a field that involves the use of cars, you have probably evaluated the solutions you have to meet this need and you have come across the following question: what is more profitable - to take ownership or rent? Generally, the preferred solution for entrepreneurs is…


Fleet management – What does it mean, what are the most common mistakes, but also the solutions for this activity?

Managing a business car fleet often comes with many challenges, but when done successfully, it can help owners and managers reduce costs and increase profits. Also, correct administration will reduce the time spent in service, the periods when drivers cannot use them. The company loses money every minute the vehicles do not work, although they…


CASCO insurance: Is it useful or not?

Unlike the insurance against civil liability, which is mandatory by law, CASCO insurance is optional, and because of this, many drivers choose not to sign such a policy. However, the lack of CASCO insurance implies a much higher risk, which would be wiser not to assume. Busy traffic in big cities, public roads that do…


OPERATIONAL versus FINANCE LEASE: Find out which option suits your needs best!

  You´ve probably thought many times on how to get a new car, but you ran into complicated legal details and stopped for fear that you might reach the wrong decision. One commonly used way by those who need one or more cars is to sign a leasing contract with a specialist company. Broadly speaking,…


Placing the EV in the Electricity Grid of the Future

Where will all the electricity for our electric cars come from? It’s a dominant question, given how fast car manufacturers are moving to electric mobility. With the energy transition on its way of transforming the global energy sector from fossil-based to zero-carbon, energy from coals is a thing from the past. Solar, wind and tide…


Electric Vehicles: The Why and Misconceptions.

Will the automotive era come to an end in the 21th century? Looking at today’s environmental and economic challenges one could think so, as we might develop towards a modern society in which cars can be regarded as an old school status product, for which there is no use, no place, no money and no…

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