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Reliable vehicles: classification by engine and size

The reliability of cars is not a criterion that applies to a certain type of vehicle or to certain brands, but represents the ability to be used in certain difficult conditions, such as in urban jam or on unpaved roads in rural areas. Thus, it cannot be said that one brand produces reliable cars and…


Vehicle Registration Certificate: What it is and what information you find in it. What to do in case you lost it.

As each person has an identity card the car must have a document proving and certifying the details of use and other important and relevant aspects of the vehicle in question. So, if you are a novice driver or if you are just curious to find out what is in this vehicle identity card, you…


AUTO LEASING for SMEs – Why are installment cars more advantageous?

How many times have you heard that cars more than 10 years old need to be replaced with new ones for driving to be a real pleasure? It is very important to get new cars, which provide special comfort and which fully satisfy you because they bring much more advantages compared to the old ones,…


AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY- What it is and at what level it is in Romania

What does automotive mean? The automotive industry comprises a wide range of companies that deal with the design, assembly and sale of cars. This is one of the most developed economic sectors because cars are constantly manufactured, as the demand-supply ratio is extremely high. Find out from  more information about the automotive industry and…


Long-term car rental – Opportunities for developing companies

Most companies need a fleet of vehicles that used properly increases the possibility of profit and business success.Unfortunately, especially for start-up companies that want to expand, setting up such a fleet is difficult due to the prohibitive costs required to purchase very expensive vehicles. Fortunately, even for these businessmen there are solutions at hand, which…


TCO – What it is and how it can help you to use this business concept

Cars are an extremely important asset for any business. Many of the businesses are based on the use of vehicles and invest money in their purchase and maintenance. However, the costs should be as low as possible and, therefore, economic experts have introduced the concept of TCO or Total Cost of Ownership. TCO can be…


The electric car, the solution for a better future – Find out what its advantages are and why it is important to choose it!

Among the most common are those related to too much investment or charging stations. If you know that you find yourself in the previous statements, read the article to the end and discover, directly from the professionals, what such a vehicle REALLY means. Remember, this type of car is recommended for both personal use and…


ROAD ASSISTANCE: What is it and why do you need it?

Everybody wants a car, but very few of us are willing to maintain it properly. We would just like to refuel every time we run out of gas, and skip the regular inspections or service visits when things don't work out properly. However, for situations when things get out of control, we have roadside assistance…


Periodic technical inspection – What it is and how you can get rid of it

The use of public roads in Romania by various categories of vehicles requires the fulfillment of several obligations provided in the legislation adopted by the state. One of these is the periodic technical inspection, an operation that aims to certify that a vehicle meets the safety requirements and that it can use the public road…


RCA insurance, mandatory for any driver – Find out now how important it is and how it can help you!

Any driver who owns at least one car knows that the MTPL insurance is mandatory. According to the law, the lack of it takes away your right to use the car. However, not everyone understands its importance. Many of them consider it useless and a little too expensive. If you do NOT know why such…


What business sustainability means and why any entrepreneur should consider it

Business sustainability is an economic component, which Romanian entrepreneurs are more and more considering. The reason is mainly the European Union, which points out that the idea is paramount in the development of any business. This is a mandatory condition in order to access any funds from this entity. Business sustainability is a way to…


Operational leasing monography: legislation, accounting records and tax treatment

Regularly, economic operators choose to outsource to specialized providers some of the services, in general, those that are not the main object of their activity. This is often the case with the car fleet, entrepreneurs preferring to opt for operational leasing. Such operations offer a complete solution for the business, consisting, practically, in renting vehicles…

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