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What will transport look like in the coming decades? One thing we know for certain: data is of crucial importance for managing your mobility. Together with developments such as electrification, individualization and autonomy, it is central to mobility.


There are so many new developments that we can imagine that you may not always know which choice is best. That is why we established our Innovation Lab. Here we develop new products and services geared to the future. To allow you and your company to move in the best possible way. We examine new trends and make a new product out of them where possible and useful.

Why innovation lab?

  • Latest developments
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Innovation Blog

Interested in the latest news in the area of innovation? Read the innovation blog!


Placing the EV in the Electricity Grid of the Future

Where will all the electricity for our electric cars come from? It’s a dominant question, given how fast car manufacturers...


Electric Vehicles: The Why and Misconceptions.

Will the automotive era come to an end in the 21th century? Looking at today’s environmental and economic challenges one...


Safety first

Safety is important for everybody. Proper maintenance of the lease car and prompt action in the event of an engine failure are important...

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