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Payment of traffic fines – Things a driver needs to know when in trouble

Receiving a traffic fine is an undesirable event, but almost all drivers in Romania face such problems at some point. Because of this, it is vital that anyone driving a car knows the latest legal requirements on traffic fines, when to pay them to get a discount and where they can pay the due amounts.…


Law on winter tires – the risks drivers are subject to if they do not comply with the provisions

Every year, when the cold season is approaching, all drivers have to prepare their car, and one of the things they have to do is change the tires with the winter ones. These are very important both for the safety of road users, the risk of accidents being reduced, and for the efficiency and operation…


Tolls in Romania – everything you need to know for a carefree trip

When you become a driver and buy a car, it is important to know what you have to pay. From the car tax, to the tolls in Romania, as a car owner you have some financial obligations that you have to comply with, otherwise you risk paying fines. In order to avoid any risk and…


Leasing contract take over – What do you need to know before transferring the contract?

The leasing contract is one of the ways often used by legal entities to get new and reliable cars for their activity. However, there are times when, before the end of the contract, the cars must be changed, because they can no longer be used for the original purpose and can not be reassigned within…


Documents needed for RAR – Who, when and how to get the authenticity certificate?

Cars, in order to be driven legally on public roads, must be registered, i.e. registered by the state authorities. However, before taking this step, there are some situations under which the owners of a vehicles must go through the RAR inspection (Romanian Automotive Register) in order to certify its authenticity. Find out below who, when…


Small class cars – The most practical choice for any company!

Mașinile de clasă mică, numite și Supermini de către Euro NCAP, organizația care se ocupă cu testarea siguranței oferite de automobile, se situează în topul celor mai comode și practice autoturisme, pentru care există o gamă extrem de bogată de oferte.  Cu toate că sunt perfecte în special pentru deplasările în oraș, acest lucru nu…


Documents required for PTI – Do not forget about this mandatory procedure if you do not want to be fined

Do you have a car? Then you also have certain responsibilities, and the periodic technical inspection is one of them. Besides the fact that it saves you from paying substantial fines, both your safety and of the other traffic participants depends on the timely execution of the PTI. The purpose pursued by the competent authority…


Vehicle Power of attorney: EVERYTHING you need to know about this form

As a driver, ever since you got your driver's license, you've had and will have various more or less pleasant situations you have to deal with. The moments you have to leave the country by a car that does not belong to you will happen at least once. It is therefore important to be informed…


After how many kilometers should the oil be changed? Tips for car maintenance

One of the most common questions among drivers is related to oil change. This process can give you big headaches, especially if you do not have knowledge in the field. What to do in this situation? Things can be learned gradually, especially since the maintenance of a car is an aspect that should not be…


Reliable vehicles: classification by engine and size

The reliability of cars is not a criterion that applies to a certain type of vehicle or to certain brands, but represents the ability to be used in certain difficult conditions, such as in urban jam or on unpaved roads in rural areas. Thus, it cannot be said that one brand produces reliable cars and…


Vehicle Registration Certificate: What it is and what information you find in it. What to do in case you lost it.

As each person has an identity card the car must have a document proving and certifying the details of use and other important and relevant aspects of the vehicle in question. So, if you are a novice driver or if you are just curious to find out what is in this vehicle identity card, you…


AUTO LEASING for SMEs – Why are installment cars more advantageous?

How many times have you heard that cars more than 10 years old need to be replaced with new ones for driving to be a real pleasure? It is very important to get new cars, which provide special comfort and which fully satisfy you because they bring much more advantages compared to the old ones,…

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