A fresh perspective on mobility

Date: 08.01.2018
Author: o.iancu@businesslease.ro

The way in which cars are used is changing fast. More sustainable, electric cars, driverless cars, shared cars and mobility as a service are just a few developments which show that the traditional idea of mobility has had its day. Time for a fresh perspective on mobility. Business Lease has that fresh perspective: the company supplies innovative mobility solutions. By doing so, Business Lease is choosing the path of innovation.

New logo and website
The new path chosen by Business Lease calls for a new branding and website. Our rebranding has been prompted by a shift within the fast-moving world of mobility and is borne of our great passion for that world. The new website is more user-friendly, represents an inspirational platform, provides answers to all your mobility questions and gives you an insight into the ways in which we are contributing to the mobility of tomorrow.

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