Driver Satisfaction Survey – Results

We begin by thanking you for completing this year’s Driver Satisfaction Survey (DSS). The DSS questionnaire is sent whenever you experience Business Lease services  and assess your satisfaction with the delivery of the vehicle,  maintenance and repair work, tires, replacement cars, roadside assistance. Part of the KPIs of Business Lease employees, the results of the Driver Satisfaction Survey mean genuine feedback based on which we calibrate our Customer Service strategy, which is extremely important for our business.

Given the low response rate and because it is extremely important for us to have as much feedback as possible, we resume the request to give us a few minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire. Moreover, we reward your loyalty, dedication and involvement with a high-class test drive. Thus, until the end of November, by drawing lots, you will be able to win a weekly test drive of a weekend with our new full electric vehicle – BMW i3.


We think it’s important to know the benchmarks on the rating scale so that your feedback is properly recorded. Thus, for each:

 Excellent  – are assigned (+100) points (Note 9-10 in the Romanian evaluation system)

 Very good  – (+80) points (Note 7-8)

 Good  – (+40) points (Note 5-6)

 Fair  – (0) points (Zero) – Note 4

 Poor  – (-100) points (For a mark scored with ”  Poor ”  subtract 100 points from the total)


Although the number of emails sent has steadily increased, the response rate to Business Lease Survey has remained between 19% and 30%, unfortunately below our target for an eloquent feedback on the aspects we evaluate.

Our results, as well as the number of responses recorded for each service surveyed can be found in the graphs below. However, it is important to say that all your comments are analyzed and translated into actions to improve our activity.  As a result, this year we optimized the flow on vehicle delivery and continued our audits of partner services in order to maintain high standards in the delivery of support services.

We are aware of all the aspects to be improved you have indicated regarding the tires exchange and the experiences related to maintenance and repairs, and we work consistently and constantly to improve them.

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