Customer Satisfaction Survey – Results

We start by thanking you for the willingness to complete the Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire from the first part of this year.

This project is very important for us as it helps us correct and fine-tune what we do to be able to provide you with services calibrated on your expectations.

We appreciate your time and we want to reward your loyalty, dedication and involvement with a high-class test drive. So, in the weeks to come, answering our surveys you will be able to win by drawing lots, a full weekend of test drive in the company of our new full electric vehicle – BMW i3.
For our accurate assessment we include below the rating scale:
Excellent: Grade 9-10                                                        Very good: Grade 7-8
Good: Grade 5-6                                                               Fair: Grade 4 
For a “Poor“ we subtract 100 of the total number of points acquired
*Campaign is valid from 1 September to 30 November.


Overall, in the first part of 2019, compared to the same period of the year 2018, we registered an 11% percent increase in the degree of satisfaction and a 12 percent increase in your willingness to recommend us, thus placing on the first place in the BLR group, before Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Customers appreciate the Business Lease employees’ kindness, their quick responses, keeping their commitments, as well as their know-how and ability to solve the situations that have arisen.

Regarding the processes, we acknowledged the need to improve the vehicle return system and the rent offers. As a result, this year we will prepare together with our partners SGS a workshop that has in the center the vehicle return process. At the same time, we have renewed the rent park and we can now offer you vehicles manufactured in 2019 for extremely competitive prices (ex. Opel Corsa from only 9 euros / day). You can see the complete offer here.

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