Business Lease is part of a family business, so it’s good to know that once you join us, you’ll become part of this family kept close together by a common passion for mobility. Furthermore, in a world full of quickly changing possibilities, our promise is a warm welcome to a team eager to shape and build future. As our most valuable asset, we will provide you with everything you need to develop your skills and help us stay ahead of our competitors… That is mainly because we strongly believe our employees are the ones building our company. You’ll do good with us if you have an eye for quality, you take up responsibility and commit to top quality in the relationship with our customers and drivers. Much more… if you’re a team player, continuously improving your skills and taking up the initiative, you’ll definitely enjoy working with us. 


Our people

Andrei Pirvu Sales Specialist +40 731 770 834
Monica Rotila Chief Accountant 0733770570
Daniela Leonte Account Team Manager +40 727 500 378
Elena Crusitu Controller
Alin Iosef Teamleader Damage and Insurance 0739851078
Călin Popescu Damage Specialist
Robert Rotaru New Business Manager 0729000006
Narcis Neacsu Team Leader Maintenance Repairs Tires
Mircea Ungureanu Manager Products & Customer Service +40 733 770 571
Philip Aarsman Managing Director +40 733 770 577
Marius Musat Team Manager Remarketing and Rental +40 727 727 058
Marius Rafail New Business Manager 0727500398
Monica Dona Marketing and Communication Advisor 0722602242
Georgiana Lefter Supply Chain Manager +40 726 301 399
Oana Iancu Commercial Manager +40 726 301 415
Călin Avram Head of Finance 0722207008
Marilena Tocila Contract Management Specialist
Cristian Schweitzer Rental and Remarketing Specialist +40 726 301 414
Alexandru Musat Remarketing Specialist
Daniela Ene (Cuciureanu) Contact Management Specialist +40 724 845 935
Mia Neacsu
Mihaela Dragomir (Neacsu) Management Assistant 0799399391
Corina Serban Sales Specialist
Alina Tanasoaica Reporting Specialist
Sorin Dolete Team Manager Risk & Contract Management
Valentin Vasile Field Sales Manager, 0749147413
Cristian Vieru Fleet Analyst
Monica Nita MRT Specialist +40 0799 201 339
Claudia Bortea Junior Purchase Specialist +40 799 499 789
Veron Curuia Damage & Insurance Specialist 372132473
Ioana Nichitaru Receptionist 372132413
Cristian Ene Purchase Specialist +40 727 500 365
Irina Grigoruta Accounts Payable Specialist +40 372 132 472

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Are you as passionate about mobility as we are?  If you checked on the vacancies above and there was no job matching your profile, then you should just drop us a line at to state your interest. We’ll get back to you for a chat, opportunity or just for a friendly invitation to get to know each other.


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