Sometimes it can be very simple. We take care of it for you and your drivers! A random selection of our services to you.


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Sometimes it can be very simple. We will take care of it for you and your drivers! A random selection of our services to you:

We collect the cars for servicing and bring them back

We roll out the blue carpet for our drivers. Does a car need servicing? Your employee does not have to do anything. We pick up the car for servicing and bring it back clean afterwards. Free of charge. Of course.



Maintenance module

All our cars fitted with a maintenance module. A module that collects mileage, engine faults and maintenance notifications, enabling us to contact drivers proactively for servicing of the lease car. If the car has got an engine fault, we will spot this early on, inform the driver and provide further assistance. Privacy is not jeopardized because we can only collect maintenance-related information.

Driver Service Desk

Rachel, Jose, Ed and Renate, our Driver Service Desk heroes. They help drivers with their questions every day. By email or telephone. The driver decides! This gives our sales specialists more time to organize your mobility as efficiently as possible together with you.

Care Online

We are always at your service, offline and online. Our staff enjoy their work and take great pleasure in helping you. Care Online is the online service we offer you. It is the online portal that helps car fleet managers and drivers keep an overview of the car fleet or lease car. This gives you 24/7 control of your car fleet.

Care Online log-in

Management information

Did you know that at many companies mobility costs are the second highest cost item, after staff costs? Good management reports are therefore essential to keep an eye on and reduce your Total Costs of Mobility (TCM). What you can expect from us:

    • 2-4 times a year an analysis of your car fleet with advice for the most suitable mobility solutions
    • Insight in cost-saving options
    • Assistance with sustainability issues, e.g. reducing the CO2 footprint and creating a CO2-neutral car fleet. This can help your organization with procurements and tenders as well as achieving your organizational objectives.
    • Updates on market changes and innovations. This allows you to make well-informed choices

Customer satisfaction and customer panels

To serve our customers and drivers as best we can, we would like to know what they think of our services. We ask them about it not only in an online survey. No, we also invite them to provide feedback in person or join us for a brainstorming session. In short, we like to listen to our customers. It allows us to determine what our clients need and where we need to improve. Your requirements form the basis of the services we provide! It is not for nothing that we our drivers have voted us into the top 2 of best leasing companies for the fourth consecutive year.


We become happy with happy customers!


A smile

Providing service makes us happy!



There is no small print in our contracts.


Quick assistance

We are always at your service.



We do not like numbers.



We put ourselves in your shoes.


Would you like to know how you can benefit from our services? We will gladly be of further assistance to you! Please feel free to contact our sales team – Stefan de Jong, Michael Schuit, Dennis Visser and Rob Kuit – to schedule an appointment.

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