Do you need a car for a short period or a very short short period? No problem, choose Business Rent.

Ask for a quote!

Please let us know!

Have you hired a new employee? Is your car still on order? or are you looking for a quick replacement? Rent offers flexibility for a number of days up to one year. We will deliver the car where you want and come and pick it up again where and when you want. All it takes is one phone call. That is what we call mobility on demand!

Need to get on the road today? No problem with Rent. All our cars come as standard with all options you may expect of a business car.

In short, Rent means:

  • You have plenty of choice
  • Flexibility comes first
  • You can drive or cancel immediately
  • We bring and collect the car
  • You have a car with all the luxuries in the world

We become happy with happy customers!

We Care

We Take Ownership

We Strive for Constant Improvement

We Demonstrate Mutual Respect at All Levels

We Go Above and Beyond: Everything for a Smile


Please contact Marius Musat. He will be happy to help you!

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