About us

We have a passion for mobility and for almost 30 years we provide the best possible mobility solutions to our clients. Being part of the AutoBinck Group we have over a 100 years of experience in automotive services. We have access to multiple innovative sustainable mobility concepts such as electric car, SnappCar, Car Sharing, The New Motion and many other future-oriented developments. So we’re ready to create new mobility opportunities for you. At the same time we realize there is always business as usual. So please count on the best possible services today, as a fleetowner, fleetmanager or driver.

Our people

Philip Aarsman Managing Director +40 733 770 577
Cristian Vieru Fleet Analyst c.vieru@businesslease.ro
Mircea Ungureanu Manager Products & Customer Service +40 733 770 571
Alexandra Pavel Team Leader Inside Sales +40 726 301 367
Alina Serb Insurance Administrator 0722602242
Daniela Cuciureanu Contact Management Specialist +40 724 845 935
Oana Iancu Commercial Manager +40 726 301 415
Gheorghe Tripon Services Agent +40 727 500 301
Marilena Tocila Contract Management Specialist
Cristian Schweitzer Rental and Remarketing Specialist +40 726 301 414
Georgiana Lefter Supply Chain Manager +40 726 301 399
Sorin Dolete Team Manager Risk & Contract Management
Andrei Pirvu Sales Specialist +40 731 770 834
Mia Neacsu
Mihaela Neacsu Management Assistant 0799399391
Daniela Leonte Account Manager +40 727 500 378
Ioana Nichitaru Receptionist 372132413
Elena Crusitu Controller
Narcis Neacsu MRT Specialist n.neacsu@businesslease.ro
Cristian Ene Purchase Specialist +40 727 500 365


We take care of mobility needs for organizations and individuals. Our passion for what we do creates freedom of choice through personalized and innovative products and services.


We will provide frictionless, automated personalized access to mobility. The mobility needs of every individual company and person are starting point in everything we develop.

Future strategy

Change is the only constant in life. We have a sustainable history of changemaking products and services. We are going for a sustainable future of change

To make you and our planet happy

Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our overall strategy. Together with you we like to involve all mobility aspects in our efforts to reduce your and our ecological footprint. And at the same time drive down costs. It’s our aim to create a great green fleet and keep everybody and our planet happy.

Business Lease Romania support the mobility for the pilot project of Light into Europe. The project involves the training of Guide Dogs for the blind people in Romania.

Our history

Our countries

Innovation Lab

Data are key in the management of your mobility. Together with eletrification, individualization, autonomation they will define the playfield. This is why we created our Innovation Lab where a bunch of disruptive minds develop all kinds of connected services (maitenance, connected fuel safety, track & trace, etc) to keep you moving in the best possible way. And to realize lower cost of mobility at the same time.

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