Tolls in Romania – everything you need to know for a carefree trip

Date: 08.01.2021
Author: Monica Dona

Taxele de drum in Romania - tot ce trebuie sa stii pentru o calatorie fara griji (1)-min

When you become a driver and buy a car, it is important to know what you have to pay. From the car tax, to the tolls in Romania, as a car owner you have some financial obligations that you have to comply with, otherwise you risk paying fines.

In order to avoid any risk and have all the information you need, gives you all the details you need to travel without any worries.

Table of Contents: 

 1. Tolls in Romania – useful information without which you can not drive on the road

In order to be able to drive on the roads in Romania, it is necessary that, before going out behind the wheel of your car, you pay the tolls required by the legislation in force in our country. Known as the rovinieta, drivers are required to pay this fee in order to use the national road network. If you do not pay the rovinieta (vignette), you can only drive within the area of residence, but every time you leave it, you will need a valid rovinieta.

Exceptions to this rule are cars that are temporarily registered (have red numbers) that can drive without paying the toll for the vignette until the date the Directorate of Registration issues the final number plates  – this situation is usually encountered in the case of new cars purchased from an authorized dealer that delivers without having the cars definitively registered in Romania.

taxa trecere pod

The vignette is valid for the following roads:

  • Highways
  • Expressways
  • European National roads (E);
  • Main national roads;
  • Secondary national roads.

The mandatory toll rate can be paid depending on the period you need to travel outside your place of residence, as it follows:

  • daily
  • 7 Days
  • 30 days
  • 90 days
  • 12 months

The validity period for the vignette will start at 00.00 of the first day of its validity and will expire at 24.00 of the last day of the duration for which it was paid.

Also, in addition to the rovinieta, on the roads in Romania you can also pay tolls for the use of bridges, tunnels or mountain passes. They are paid according to the type of vehicle and are paid regardless of the country in which the car is registered.

And for a carefree road, don´t forget compulsory MTPL insurance , without which you can not leave the garage.


2. How and where you can pay tolls in Romania

Paying taxes can turn into a chore when you don't know exactly where to pay.

Here is where the toll is paid:

Rovinieta can be purchased from any subunit of CNAIR (National Company for Road Infrastructure Management) through the gas station network in the country. At the same time, the toll can be paid online for multiple specialized sites and via SMS (in the main mobile networks).

It should be noted that when you choose to pay by SMS, you can only opt for the toll for the shortest period provided by law – 7 days for cars and one day for goods or passenger vehicles.taxa de drum


At the same time, the toll can be paid online for this facility  and there are several sites where you can pay easily and quickly.

Payment of tolls for the use of bridges, tunnels or mountain passes can be made by text messages (where this service is available), at the respective petrol stations and toll stations.

3. Frequently asked questions and answers about tolls in Romania

1. How do I check the validity of the rovinieta?

To check the validity of the toll, you can access the website of the National Company for Road Infrastructure Management, which has a tool for checking the toll. In addition, a simple online search will find sites that can help you with this problem. As soon as you entered the required data (car registration number and chassis series), the validity of the toll is checked. Where you rent on a short term basis a car, it is good to check if it has a valid rovinieta.

2. Does the Rovinieta remain valid if I change my registration number?

When you change the registration number of the vehicle you own and you have a toll already paid for several months, you must inform in writing the National Company of Motorways and National Roads of Romania – SA about the change of the registration number, in order to operate the change in the database. Fortunately, this can also be done online, having only to send an email with the new data of the car. In a few days, you will receive an answer that will certify the validity of the toll with the new registration number.

3. What happens if I drive on national roads without a valid license plate?

If you drive without a valid toll on the national roads, this act is considered a contravention and is punishable by a fine. The non-payment of a toll is also considered a contravention, this deed being sanctioned with a fine.

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