The electric car, the solution for a better future – Find out what its advantages are and why it is important to choose it!

Date: 28.07.2020
Author: Monica Dona

Among the most common are those related to too much investment or charging stations. If you know that you find yourself in the previous statements, read the article to the end and discover, directly from the professionals, what such a vehicle REALLY means. Remember, this type of car is recommended for both personal use and for company employees.


1. The advantages of an electric car

Avantajele mașinii electrice

As it is impossible not to already know the basic characteristics of  electric cars  , below you will discover some additional details. So, in the first phase, find out the advantages that this type of car guarantees to any driver:

    • Charging the electric car – the good news is that you will not necessarily have to go to a gas station, such a car can be loaded at home and at work, and if you are on vacation, even at the hotel. If you use it daily, it is recommended to have a garage connected to electricity, because this way you will be able to leave it connected to the socket overnight, and the next day, when you wake up, it will be ready for the road. And the best part is that there are still free stations, so it may not cost you anything to charge your electric car.


    • Electric car maintenance  – The costs are certainly much lower compared to a classic car, which runs on petrol or diesel. Firstly, pollution taxes do not have to be paid, 100% electric cars are also exempt from tax, and secondly, due to the small number of parts, visits to the mechanic are rarer. The consumption of such a city vehicle is between 15 and 18 kWh, and if you charge it at a free station, you will not have to pay anything.


    • The performance of the electric car  – its engine has a very high torque and can accelerate in an extremely short time, so if you like racing, you will definitely win them all.


    • And last but not least, an electric car guarantees much cleaner air  which both you and those around you can enjoy. Don’t forget how high the degree of pollution has reached in recent years in Romania and beyond.

2. Disadvantages of an electric car

Well, no matter what it is, there are not only advantages, there are always some disadvantages. Here are the ones for the electric car:

  • The cost of the electric car  – usually an electric car costs quite a lot, and because of this, many drivers have to wait. If you have a business and you want such a car, you can take possession of it with the help of a  operational leasing  , in exchange for a fixed monthly installment. The good news is that as time goes on, the necessary investments will decrease.
  • Autonomy of the electric car  – Unfortunately, even the top models have a range of about 450 kilometres. This feature is a disadvantage especially for people who plan to travel long distances.
  • Powering the electric car  – power duration differs depending on several factors, but usually ranges from 45 minutes to eight hours. Therefore, every driver should consider a consistent break when he knows that he has a longer way to go.

Even if electric cars do not only have advantages, keep in mind that specialists strongly recommend them, as they can guarantee a future with a cleaner and much safer air.

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3. Frequently asked questions and answers about electric cars

1. What is the autonomy of an electric car?

According to experts, a car equipped with an electric motor can travel a maximum of 500 kilometres, after which it should be recharged. The latter process can take between 45 minutes and eight hours, depending on the capacity of the car and the power of the charging station.

2. How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

The price of a charge may differ from one station to another. On average, a full tank for a car that has 40 kWh reaches about 20 lei and has a range of 200 kilometres. But, fortunately, there are also specially arranged places where electric cars can be charged for free.

3. What is the best electric car?

Over time, countless charts have been made  electric cars  However, according to specialists, the best option differs from one person to another, as it is important to be evaluated according to the criteria of each – the available budget, the distances normally traveled, preferences for a particular design or brand.

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