Payment of traffic fines – Things a driver needs to know when in trouble

Date: 13.01.2021
Author: Monica Dona

Plata amenzilor de circulație - Lucruri pe care TREBUIE să le știe un șofer la ananghie-min

Receiving a traffic fine is an undesirable event, but almost all drivers in Romania face such problems at some point. Because of this, it is vital that anyone driving a car knows the latest legal requirements on traffic fines, when to pay them to get a discount and where they can pay the due amounts.

In the article below you will discover some essential information about the legal specifications, the place where you can pay the fines received, but also the answers to some frequently asked questions about this topic.

Table of Contents:

1. Legal specifications regarding the payment of traffic fines

The legal specifications regarding the payment of traffic fines have changed quite a lot in recent years and, for this reason, it is good for every driver to get acquainted with the relevant legislation.

Examples of this are the prohibition of paying the fine directly to the police officer, this can be considered a bribery attempt, and the extension of the period in which only half of the fine can be paid, from 48 hours, as it was until 2020 , to 15 days after the receipt of the statement, as provided by the new law.

Another important clarification is that the non-payment of the traffic fine within the term provided by law may lead to forced execution by state institutions.

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2. Where traffic fines can be paid

The traffic law also specifies where fines can be paid and how long this can be done. If in the past the payment was quite difficult to make and was time consuming through the state to the huge queues at the state treasury, now there are multiple possibilities through which those who have to pay the fine can do so effortlessly.

There are three distinct ways of paying traffic fines:

  • The cash payment of the sums of money can be made at any unit of the State Treasury, regardless of the place where the fine was taken or at the Local Taxes and Taxes Directorates;
  • Also with cash you can pay at the Romanian Post offices throughout the country;
  • Payment can also be made online, through the platform, administered by the Romanian state, or through increasingly diverse banking applications. Access to this platform is easy, being necessary to create an account by using the information on the identity card and by inserting a valid bank card, issued by a bank in Romania.

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Those who choose to pay online or cash should know that they can do so in two single accounts, regardless of where the fine was taken. For individuals domiciled in Romania, the account for the payment of traffic fines is 50.09.01, and for those domiciled abroad, the single account is 50.09.02.

For companies that have a significant fleet of vehicles and want to facilitate the payment of the  fines received, a good idea is to outsource the fleet management to specialized companies.

Regardless of the payment method chosen, it is necessary to keep the receipt, so that if various misunderstandings arise, they can be resolved as soon as possible. If it is requested, then it can be sent very simply, by e-mail or by letter, directly to the Police.

In conclusion, knowledge of the legal provisions on how to pay the road fines received is essential for any driver to avoid costly and time-consuming inconveniences.

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3. Frequently asked questions and answers about the payment of traffic fines

When should the traffic fine be paid?

The law provides a period of 15 days from the receipt of the statement, in which the fine can be paid with a discount of 50%.

Who pays the fine if a company’s car fleet is managed by a specialized company?

If a person driving a company car taken in operational leasing receives a fine, the payment of this is the responsibility of the driver.

Where are traffic fines paid?

Fines can be paid at any branch of the Romanian Post or the State Treasury, as well as at the Local Taxes and Fees Department in the offender’s place of residence. They can also be paid online, on website.

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