Necessary documents for the amicable settlement: Here are the conditions you must meet to be able to do this procedure!

Date: 18.02.2021
Author: Monica Dona

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In Romania, there are many people who resort to amicable settlement when a minor road accident occurs, in order not to involve the police.In order to complete this procedure, you will need, first of all, the compulsory insurance, and after completing the amicable settlement, the injured party must notify the damage to the insurer where the guilty party has RCA. If such an unpredictable event has taken place and you are directly involved, you need to know the legal steps to follow and the necessary documents you will need.


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Table of Contents:

1. Documents required for amicable settlement

If such an incident has occurred, the guilty driver must provide the injured driver with the necessary documents for amicable settlement: one copy at a time. bulletin, car voucher, license and RCA policy . After completing the amicable settlement, there are two options for opening a claim file:

  • If the injured party has a CASCO type insurance, the damage must be reported to the personal insurer (Casco) following that the damage file will be investigated through this type of insurance, with regression on the RCA insurance of the culprit. The case being investigated by regression, this damage will not affect the damage of the non-guilty person.
  • Without CASCO, the RCA insurer of the guilty driver must be notified

How to fill in the amicable settlement form

Amicable finding form it must always be available to any driver. Otherwise, you can buy it from the insurance company where you registered the car. In order to be valid, both drivers must complete a single copy containing two self-copying sheets. The necessary data you will need can be found in: the green card of the car ( RCA policy ), driving license, registration certificate and personal identity card (bulletin). It is also recommended that the entire procedure be done within a maximum of 24 hours. We also specify that the original file remains in the possession of the innocent driver, and the guilty person will receive a copy of the amicable finding form.

2. Amicable settlement – under what conditions it can be obtained

First, in order to be able to conclude an amicable settlement, the damages of the incidents must include only material damages. Drivers must agree on the guilty party, and the findings form requires the signature of both. If no agreement can be reached, both parties must report to the nearest minor road accident department within 24 hours.

For the situation to be resolved quickly and without other complications, several conditions are necessary:

  • there are no bodily injuries;
  • maximum two vehicles are involved and both cars have valid MTPL insurance.
  • there are no other damages resulting from the accident (street furniture, partition fence, railings on the road, railings, curbs, etc.)

It is recommended to do a few damage photos at the scene of the accident, before removing the cars from the road.

To make sure everything goes according to the law in force, before leaving the scene of the incident, keep in mind a few aspects and details about the accident. For example, note the exact location where it occurred, including landmarks such as the direction of travel of both vehicles, license plate number, and car color. Also, the time of the damage, the name of the other driver and possibly the eyewitnesses nearby. In order to be as explicit as possible in explaining the accident, photograph the traffic signs in the area.

So, whether or not you are involved in a minor accident, you need to know very well the rights and obligations you have in this situation. Make sure you always have the necessary documents and documents at hand to ascertain the amicable settlement.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: If I hit a car in a parking lot can I make it amicable?

A: Yes. If you are the injured party, you must notify the damaged driver and agree. If your car is damaged, and you do not know the perpetrator, it is necessary to notify the Police.

Q: What documents are required to open a claim file?

A: Copy RCA valid also proof of payment, registration certificate, driving license, delegation (legal entities), personal identity card, report issued by the police or amicable finding.

Q: How do I get compensation if I was hit by a car registered abroad?

A: In this case, you must address yourself Romanian Car Insurers´ Bureau


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