Failure to pay your car leasing installment: consequences and solutions to avoid foreclosure

Date: 10.02.2021
Author: Monica Dona

neplata leasingului auto


A car lease is a financial procedure by which a natural or legal person can purchase a car through a leasing company. Specifically, the full acquisition is made by the leasing company which transfers the right of use over the property to the natural or legal person, the latter paying a certain monthly rate pre-established by a contract to the leasing company.

Being a form of financing, there is a risk that the natural or legal person may end up in a situation where they can no longer pay the installments. There are many reasons for such situations and it is not always the fault of the person contracting the leasing service.

Therefore, before contracting leasing services or a ReLease service, it is good to ask for  consultancy. It is necessary to be informed about this process, in order to know what are the consequences to be borne if the car lease is not paid, as well as how to avoid such situations.



1. Consequences for not paying the installments

In case the installments for the car leasing are not paid, there are a number of consequences. Being a form of financing, the attempt to recover the financial damages is done gradually, there is even the option in which the beneficiary is helped in this respect.

1.1. Summons

The first consequence in case of non-payment of the lease is the summons. Thus, the beneficiary of the good is informed that he has exceeded the due date of the monthly installment and is ordered to urgently pay the outstanding amount. Depending on the contract, certain penalties may apply for such delays.

1.2. Possession of property

The summons is made several times if the amount is not recovered. If the payment of the outstanding installments and any penalties is not made within 90 days from the due date of the first unpaid installment, the beneficiary is dispossessed of the leased asset.

1.3. Foreclosure

Deprivation of property does not mean that debts are written off. If the financial debts are not paid, the creditor can sue the borrower and, by a court decision, can proceed to foreclosure.

imposibilitate plata leasing

2. How can foreclosure be avoided in case of non-payment of car leasing?

There are several methods by which foreclosure can be avoided if leasing installments are foreseen or not. They must be applied in a timely manner so as not to cause the creditor to take legal action.

2.1. Requesting a grace period

As in any situation involving a loan, the lender can be notified in advance to announce the reasons that will lead to possible delays in payment and to request a certain grace period. Most of the time, they are accepted and the beneficiary can still save time.

2.2 Return of the good and termination of the contract

When the beneficiary feels that he can no longer pay on time, he can return the good and conclude the contract. The contract is terminated according to the conditions established when signed, with reference to such situations.

2.3 Renegotiation of the contract

As well as requesting a grace period, there is also the option in which the beneficiary and the creditor can renegotiate the terms of the contract. In this way, the loan period can be extended, but a lower rate can also be set.

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Therefore, even if it is more advantageous to contract a leased car , knowing the consequences in case of not paying the installments is essential for managing the situation.

neplata leasing operational3. Questions and answers about delays in paying the car leasing installments

1. Is it possible to proceed directly to foreclosure in case the installments for the car leasing is not paid?

No. There are several steps a lender must take before going into foreclosure.

2. Is it possible to sell the property if the leasing installments can no longer be paid?

Yes. A contract transfer can be made to another legal or natural person that takes over both the goods and the installments.

3. Does the non-payment of the leasing appear in the Credit Bureau?

Yes. Any financial activity is registered in the Credit Bureau and may influence the possibility of contracting new loans.

neplata leasing

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