Documents required for PTI – Do not forget about this mandatory procedure if you do not want to be fined

Date: 28.10.2020
Author: Monica Dona

Acte necesare pentru ITP

Do you have a car? Then you also have certain responsibilities, and the periodic technical inspection is one of them. Besides the fact that it saves you from paying substantial fines, both your safety and of the other traffic participants depends on the timely execution of the PTI.

The purpose pursued by the competent authority – in this case the Romanian Car Registry – through this procedure is to ensure that cars traveling on the public roads in Romania comply with certain minimum safety requirements from a technical point of view.

Given that motor vehicles are susceptible to damage that can sometimes lead to serious accidents, with material loss or loss of life, you must take this issue seriously and never forget to perform the PTI or, worse, omit it intentional.

Find out below what documents you need for the PTI and how often you need to do this inspection to avoid fines.


1. What are the necessary documents for PTI ?

When you need to perform the periodic technical inspection, you must go to a unit authorized by the Romanian Car Registry and have the following documents on you:

  • The Vehicle Registration Certificate, also known as a provisional driving license;
  • Driver’s identity card;
  • Motor Liability Insurance , valid on the inspection date;
  • Vehicle Identity Card

All these documents must be presented in original, unless the car is leased, in which case the vehicle’s registration document may be presented in copy, but marked “according to the original document” and stamped by the owner, i.e. the leasing company (these documents can be also sent by email, scanned ) . In addition, in the case of  operational leasing , the monthly rate you pay also covers the costs with the repairs and the maintenance of the car, including the periodic technical inspection.

2. How often should the PTI be done to avoid a fine?

2. Cât de frecvent trebuie făcut ITP-ul pentru a nu lua amendă

  • Every three years – for a new car, you will have to schedule the periodic technical inspection the latest three years after the date of the first registration, and then every two years;
  • Every two years  – for personal vehicles and for those vehicles with maximum 8 seats;
  • Anually – in the case of cars older than 12 years and those intended for the transport of goods, with a maximum total mass exceeding 3,500 kg;
  • Every six months – in the case of motor vehicles intended for the transport of persons, taxis and for those with more than 8 seats.

3. What malfunctions can be discovered after conducting the PTI?

3. Ce defecțiuni pot fi descoperite în urma ITP-ului auto

Following a regular technical inspection, the following categories of faults can be identified in your car:

  • Minor failures – do not have a significant impact on the safety of the vehicle or the environment;
  • Major failures – are likely to affect the safety of the vehicle and the environment and, in addition, endanger other road users;
  • Dangerous faults – poses an immediate and direct risk to road safety and the environment.

Even if minor malfunctions are found, the periodic technical inspection can be passed without problems. This does not happen in the case of major and dangerous ones, because you will have the obligation to repair the vehicle within 30 days and return to the authorized service unit with the four necessary documents for ITP.

3. Ce defecțiuni pot fi descoperite în urma ITP-ului auto (2)

In conclusion, the documents required to perform the PTI are not numerous, but they are extremely important and you must have them every time your periodic technical inspection expires. Do not drive if the PTI is no longer valid, as you risk sky-high fines.

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4. Frequently asked questions and answers about the documents required for PTI

What are the documents required for car PTI?

For the periodic technical inspection you will need the registration certificate of the vehicle, the driver’s identity card, the valid MTPL insurance and the vehicle identity card.

What is the risk if I drive the car with an expired PTI?

In addition to the substantial fines you will have to pay, the registration of the car will be automatically suspended, which will attract a new penalty for driving under these conditions.

Where is the car PTI performed?

The periodic technical inspection is performed only in units authorized by the Romanian Auto Registry or at the headquarters of the Romanian Auto Registry.

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