AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY- What it is and at what level it is in Romania

Date: 25.08.2020
Author: Monica Dona

INDUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE Ce este și la ce nivel se află în România

What does automotive mean? The automotive industry comprises a wide range of companies that deal with the design, assembly and sale of cars. This is one of the most developed economic sectors because cars are constantly manufactured, as the demand-supply ratio is extremely high.

Find out from  more information about the automotive industry and about Romania in this regard.


1. Automotive industry – What is the level of Romania in this economic sector?

Romania is doing very well in terms of cars. It ranks on the 10th position in the European Union for the manufacture and sale of cars, with several brands propelling the country to this place in the EU rankings. In addition to the quality and performance of cars, Romania has over 80 years of experience in the automotive industry, which is why it is currently one of the most important centers in Europe.

The turnover at the end of 2015 reached about 20 million euros, which is impressive and shows that Romania is doing very well in this regard. In addition, there are several car companies that design and produce exclusively in Romania, which is in the top of Romanians’ preferences, aspect that highlights the fact that the Romanian state has managed to rise to the quality and performance provided in other countries. This is also due to the fact that Romanians are fast in implementing new trends, because it is based, first of all, on the modernity, comfort and luxury offered by the cars built.

What is very interesting and noteworthy is the fact that the Romanian car market is also fueled by the need for consumers to drive more and more new cars, from the dealership because they are much better and more reliable than those built up to 2010, for example.


Due to all these things, the automotive industry makes mass employment, which is very beneficial for the Romanian workforce. It is very possible that in a short time, Romania will surpass the 10th place in the top producers in Europe.

Finally, it seems that Romania is among the largest car manufacturers in the world. This proves that the ingenuity, intelligence and involvement of Romanians grows in a very beautiful and laudable way.

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2. Frequently asked questions and answers about the automotive industry

  • How safe are the cars produced in Romania?

Romania manufactures safe, powerful and high quality cars, with resistant parts, durable over time, this being proven by the fact that the demand for cars produced in Romania is growing. Romanian companies take into account any possibility of injury or damage and think of all possible solutions, so that the end result assures the safety of the drivers.

  • Which country is at the top of the global ranking of the automotive industry?

China is a very innovative and creative country that always finds the most modern and ingenious solutions before everyone else. For this reason, China is at the top of the global ranking in terms of car construction and sales.

  • Can the automotive industry still develop?

Technology and things, in general, are constantly changing and evolving, which is why the automotive industry is also progressing with the advancement of modernity. Thus, if cars now have four wheels and operate with the help of a driver, it is possible that in the near or distant future, these things will change drastically.

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