After how many kilometers should the oil be changed? Tips for car maintenance

Date: 24.09.2020
Author: Monica Dona

La cati km se schimba uleiul

One of the most common questions among drivers is related to oil change. This process can give you big headaches, especially if you do not have knowledge in the field. What to do in this situation? Things can be learned gradually, especially since the maintenance of a car is an aspect that should not be neglected. If you are in this situation, this article is for you. You will find the most important tips to properly take care of your own car.


1. After how many kilometers should the oil be changed?

Oil change is essential for the proper operation of the car. It is recommended to be be changed every 10-15 thousand kilometers or once a year. This range is mentioned by the manufacturer in the car´s technical book and may differ depending on the country. For example, for a certain car model, it is recommended to replace the lubricant when reaching 15,000 km if it travels in Germany, while for Romania it is suggested to change it at 10,000 km. The explanation is that the roads are worse in the second case and the pollution level higher, which leads to the faster wear of the liquid.

Also, if you have an older car and you want to keep it in very good condition, you can change the oil and filters at 5000 kilometers. This interval is also valid if you prefer the sport-mode, you go at high speeds and you just want everything to work flawlessly.

The oil plays a very important role in the proper functioning of the car, as, in addition to its lubricating function, it must clean the combustion residues, cool the engine, protect it against corrosion and ensure the tightness between the surfaces of the internal components.

The question is “Why does the engine oil wear out?” Since its role is to lubricate the engine and reduce the friction force between the metal parts, after repeated use, its viscosity decreases, becoming inefficient in lubricating the components.

Why do you need to replace the lubricant? First, if it is not changed in due time, there is a risk that the engine will deteriorate much faster, which increases the risk of  accident. In addition, even the filter can become clogged, being absorbed into the components of the lubrication system.

There are some signs that let you know the oil needs to be changed:

  • color change, in case it gets darker
  • texture change, if it acquires a sandy texture.

2. What you need for oil and filter change

For the maintenance of your car, the oil is not the only one that needs to be changed. It is also necessary to replace the fuel, oil, air and pollen filters.

First of all, you need to consider the type of lubricant, its viscosity and its amount. If you don’t know these things, you can find them in the car’s technical book or in the maintenance manual. Of course, the oil for a diesel engine will be different from that for a petrol one. For a normal size car, you will need about 4-6 liters.

The filters are also chosen according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Although changing the engine oil can be easily done by yourself, it is recommended to work with a specialized service. You need the tools, you have to follow the working steps and, at the end, to reset the on-board computer, because it shows you how many kilometers to travel since the last overhaul. In addition, changing the filters is a job for which it is important to turn to professionals.

Therefore, follow the recommendations of the car manufacturer regarding the range for changing oil and filters, choose quality consumables and go to the service to replace them. This way, you make sure that you keep your car in the best conditions.

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3. Frequently asked questions and questions about oil change

After how many kilometers should the oil be changed?

Generally, the oil changes every 10000-15000 km or every year, but the range can vary depending on several criteria. If it is an older car or you drive in sports-mode, it is ideal to schedule your car for maintenance more often than 5000 km. If you want to get rid of these repeated service visits, you can opt for  electric cars, which does not require lubricant replacement.

After how many kilometers should the oil be changed for diesel engines?

The general recommendation is 10,000 kilometers, but this interval also depends on the roads you drive and the driving mode. If you drive your car in the city more, it is better to replace the oil and filters more often, because they can clog more frequently in a car whose engine is lugging.

After how many kilometers should the oil be changed for petrol engines?

For petrol cars, the recommendation of 10-15 thousand kilometers or yearly oil change is valid. However, if you are preparing for a  travel abroad, it is good to replace the oil even before this deadline, to make sure that everything works properly.

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