Are you ready for summer?!

After low temperatures, clouds and rains, sun, heat, sea and hiking time finally came. And if it comes naturally to pay more attention to our car in the winter, in summer, things seem to be a bit more relaxed. But that should not be like that at all. Our specialist, Narcis Neacşu, Network Maintenance and Maintenance Coordinator, told us why:


  1. General vehicle inspection


Exposure to low temperatures and humidity can cause additional wear on certain components, so it is necessary to monitor the general condition of the vehicle and to double-check any abnormal noise or behavior. At the same time, it is advisable to carefully check the engine oil and coolant during this period in accordance with the vehicle’s operating instructions.


  1. Brake System

Extremely important, the brake system must enjoy maximum attention and any abnormal operation must be checked at the service.


  1. Air conditioning


After a long rest period, air conditioning is again mandatory. If you find it ineffective, we recommend additional checks.


For a good long-term functioning of the air conditioning system, we recommend that when you get into the heated vehicle, first open the windows and let the air ventilate the inside of the car. After that, turn the air conditioning on the first ventilation step, progressively increasing the intensity.

If the vehicle is equipped with climatronic it is recommended that the inside temperature be set to 220C, environmental temperature, and adjust if needed by ± 2-3  0C.  We do not recommend setting the temperature to “low” to prevent premature worn-out of the air conditioner.

In addition, as part of the air conditioning system’s maintenance, we recommend that you start the air conditioning 10 minutes every month, no matter of the season.


  1. Windshield Washer Fluid

…Must also be changed with special summer fluid as it has improved properties and can be more efficient in removing dirt and insects.


  1. Summer tires


Changing winter tires should not be neglected. At high temperatures, they will wear out more quickly and will not ensure optimal adhesion. Summer tires are harder and resist much better when asphalt temperatures exceed tens of degrees. In addition, the tire pressure must also be carefully checked during this period as the heat can cause variations.


  1. Sun Tan … from the perspective of the car


Fortunately, there is SPF for us, but for the car we have few solutions. Paint, dashboard fabrics and chairs suffer this season. It is advisable to park in a shaded place, use a sun visor or apply an outside wax for paint protection.


For most of us summer is about relaxation and tranquility. At Business Lease, we make sure that this remains a fact for all of our clients.


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