Business Lease Smart Mobility Car Sharing: GO Share

Data: 06.11.2018
Autor: Poort80

In our previous blog we shared our intention of creating a solution for future changing mobility demands in the trend of car sharing and shared mobility. This is part of a broader vision, in which Business Lease is working on methods to fit in the transition of mobility and adapt to this new future. There are four inevitable changes Business Lease considers as the future: Electrified, Autonomous, Connected and Shared. Taking the latter change Shared; especially a shift in global automotive ownership model can be seen; from owning a car to using on sharing/contract basis.

First half of this year, Business Lease has been working on a solution to incorporate car sharing in the current fleet of cars. Within this period, Business Lease has developed GO Share. GO Share is a ‘plug & play’ system that can transform every car into a shared car. In this way, fleet owners are no longer ‘stuck’ to long term car contracts. Business Lease found that although half of the fleet managers would like car sharing to be implemented within its fleet, the implementation was lagging behind because of, among others, the administrative red tape. This meant that less than 0.5% of business cars are used as a shared car. Other reasons are the high investment costs and the long terms of subcontracts which also prevent many organizations from actually using shared cars.

GO Share deals with these disadvantages since this system does not have to be built in physically. GO Share offers 5 main unique selling positions compared to the competition.

Extreme flexibility: It can be used in any type of vehicle (rent, lease, privately owned)
Competitive pricing: Best value for money
New non-intrusive technology: Concept is vehicle agnostic
Seamless self-service: No overhead involved from fleet/office manager
Quick setup: Installed and ready to use in 2 minutes. Just plug-and-play!
GO Share consists of three elements: a hardware box in the car, a management portal and a driver application:

The Hardware Box is fixed in the trunk of the car. With the help of  3D printing technology, we create a custom box in which the key can be stored safely and secured.

GO Share also provides a Management Portal for fleet managers. It includes:
– Management of users
– Management of bookings
– Trip registration
– Statistics dashboard
– And more…

Lastly, GO Share includes a Driver Application in which all the bookings are made.


In this video, we show how GO Share works in practice:

Has GO Share gotten your interest? It is available now! Want to learn more about how GO Share can fit within your fleet? We’d like to help you. Please contact Luuk.


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