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                     We all know that urge of reaching to your phone when you hear a message coming in or a quick look to find the address of the next appointment. We also know that using your phone, while driving has a negative impact on driving behavior and increases the chance for car accidents. Still we are doing this. This usage of mobile phones is the main reason for the increase in number of damages. 


Wed 1 Nov

Business Lease Romania, Awarded “Best Operational Leasing Company of the Year in Romania”

The Dutch leasing company received the Award for “Best Operational Leasing Company” at the 17th edition of “Financial Leaders Hall of Fame 2017 Awards”. Of the three nominated companies, Business Lease was chosen for its contribution to the development of Operational Leasing and the level of quality services offered to Romanian customers. Read More

Mon 9 Oct

Operational Leasing in Romania

One Fifth of the Cars Enter Repair Shops for Issues Outside the Periodic Vehicle Inspection

  • 20% of automobiles reach repair shops for fixes outside standard service and maintenance period, while 29% access standard operations and 51% access tire replacement;

  • Particularly often Romanian repairs: fixes on suspensions and steering;

  • Optimum ratio for cars usage: up to 160,000 km (Petrol engine) and up to 180,000 km (Diesel engine) Read More

Fri 30 Jun

Innovations, expansion to Transylvania and a realized turnover of approximately 4 million euros for Business Lease in the first semester of 2017

  • Business Lease Romania closes the first semester of 2017 with a turnover of approximately 4 million euros, an increase of 20% compared to the same period last year

  • Innovations with an increasing role and support via Connected Care

  • New regional office opening in Cluj with an investment of 70.000 euros Read More

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